Instant Vehicle Check

1 in 3 cars has a hidden history, check now:

Vehicle Check

Why you need to check

1 in 3 vehicles has something to hide. From a mileage discrepancy to an insurance write-off, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

50+ checks

Vehicle-check-uk scans your vehicle through more than 50 valuable data points including the number of previous owners, Number Plate Changes, Valuation, etc…

Verified data

The data used by vehicle-check-uk is verified by an accurate and updated information. It also provides as well more information about the vehicle than any other check.

Why do you need it?

We use open data and Written off data that comes from the Association Of British Insurers.

Thanks to our technology, stolen vehicle data comes directly from the UK Police National Computer

Check if the car has been imported or exported in the UK since it was built by its maker

Get your instant Vehicle-check-uk report and reveal the car’s past and true history

1 out of 5 cars has had its number plate changed. In fact, there are also 150,000 stolen log books in circulation

Look up if the vehicles is displaying the correct Mileage. 1 out of 20 has a discrepancy with its mileage


Great service

Whenever I decide to buy cars, I use Vehicle-check-uk’s service. It’s quick, reliable and extremely useful. I would definitely recommend to any car buyer.

Money and time saver

Unlike some other companies, vehicle-check-uk is the cheapest for the same service provided. I don’t say this often, but it’s a real money saver.

Top quality information

The service is definitely a “must have”. The report I ordered revealed that the mileage’s car was incorrect. Thanks.